Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ed McMahon Dead

God? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeesss Ed!

Ed McMahon Died. My earliest recollection of Ed McMahon was feeling sorry for him. I was a young boy, and I would briefly listen to portions of the Johnny Carson Show, and I would hear how Johnny would make jokes at Ed McMahon's expense, and the crowd would roar with laughter, and I would wonder if Ed McMahon really was a drunk, and if so, why he laughed along with Johnny Carson's comments.

Little did I know that jokes were jokes, and that each was an incredible compliment - I didn't understand the low key comedy routine which Johhny Carson, and Ed McMahon would play out Monday through Friday - I was simply too young.

As years passed I began to understand more and more of the adult world, the world of sophistication, of smoking, drinking, naughty jokes, and Hollywood from watching Johnny Carson, and Ed McMahon. It was a show that seemed at its peak just when I was growing sophisticated enough to understand.

Yet I grew tired of the Carson show as I entered into young adulthood - waiting instead to watch David Letterman, who at the time was the new kid on the NBC late night block.

I'd rarely watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson thinking it was boring, and it probably was, yet I did tune in to watch the last show, and I felt sad that the party had come to an end.

I'd see Ed McMahon on Bloopers, and other shows from time to time, and he was always good on whatever I saw him on, but I can't claim I ever watched a show because he was on - and that is the role of the sidekick - to be there, and be square.

I recently watched him on an interview with Larry King, and I felt sad for him, as he was facing the loss of his mansion, but a part of me thought he was being exploited by his various ex-spouses, and his children.

Still I had a great deal of respect for this man as he was still working in whatever capacity he could, even with a broken neck.

I'll always rememeber your Alpo Commercials Ed - you were funny as hell - They just don't make them like you anymore - Hi Yo!

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He was Yoing long before Sting

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