Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dead Like Me Now On Hulu

After my mother died several years ago I went through a period of grieving. I don't really see grieving as an either-or experience, instead I see it as a continuum of grief. So for example right now I am still grieving to some extent for my mother, and even my father who died long ago.

Anyway in the months after my mother died I was very definitely finding the subject of death much more interesting than I had before. The whole idea of mortality, or maybe I should say, my own mortality, and the mortality of everyone I know and care about became a tangible and persistent presence in my mind.

I guess if I had been an overwhelmingly religious person I would have sought shelter deep within my religious faith, or if I had been a drug or alcohol abuser perhaps I would have sunk within a bottle of booze for solace, but instead I found some measure of relief in some of the few television programs available which dealt with the subject of death and grieving.

One series, which I liked a great deal, is a funny, and yet thought provoking series titled Dead Like Me.

I could stand to watch it not long after my mother's death because it was funny, and yet it also somehow touched repeatedly upon the meaning of life, mortality, death, and grieving.

I've wanted to buy the DVD set, but due to chronic poverty I haven't seriously considered that an option, however, I am pleased to have discovered the series is available on Hulu.Com.

And so I have spent many hours of this long nearly four day Fourth of July weekend watching episodes of Dead Like Me.

While I'm less emotional about the subject than I was shortly after my mother's death I can say that I still find the series to be as incredibly good as I felt it was then, and so I am highly recommending it to anyone who chances across this blog post.

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