Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quantum Entanglement And Trans Time Communication

A: So in other words time wouldn't exist unless there is some sort of cosmic speed limit?
B: It depends upon how you define time.
A: Why do you say that?
B: Time is the vibration of space - which defines space topography.
A: And?
B: If there's no barrier to transmission of energy across that topography then chaos exist.
A: And a singularity from that chaotic state would exist?
B: And what of time?
A: It wouldn't exist.
B: Are you suggesting that this was the state of the 'universe' prior to the big bang?
A: No, because if there was a perfect singularity it would never have ended.
B: Then a fundamental rule of the universe would be that there are no perfect singularities.
A: And that is what allows the universe, this universe, to exist as we know it.
B: Including time.
A: Yes, in fact, we are in fact talking about time.
B: Cool.
A: So Einstein was correct about the speed of light?
B: Yes, and no.
A: Yes, and no?
B: In a very fundamental way there needs to be a speed limit, but only for some of the universe.
A: What?
B: Not all of what exist depends upon an ordered state based upon the speed of light.
A: Only enough of what is needed to exist within that limit is required.
B: And the rest?
A: The rest can exist in a faster than light state.
B: A tachyonic, versus tardyonic state?
A: Correct.
B: Can these two state interact?
A: Without that interaction the big bang would never have come to be.
B: This is how the singularity ceased being a singularity?
A: This is why there is no such thing as a singularity.
B: A randomness to the distribution of transmission of the energy states?
A: Causing space itself to exist.
B: And time as well.
A: Exactly.
B: And this depends upon some portion of the energy state traveling faster than light.
A: That's a good argument.
B: And what about now?
A: Well 'now' doesn't exist separately from this portion of the 'universe'.
B: So we assume continual interaction between supraluminal and luminal energy states?
A: Yes.
B: And what about entanglement?
A: Are these states entangled?
B: Yes.
A: So what we refer to as the past, and the future, are connected?
B: Oh yes.

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