Sunday, October 03, 2010

Green Eyes Gone

Green Eyes Gone
by JeromeProphet
Greeneyes is gone
She didn't last long
My feelings remain
Yet it ends the same
One sided love
Just in the cards
Stacked one by one
By my fool heart
Giving up on a dream
For a real love it seems
Just not meant to be
Between the princess and me
The truth I had known
Yet I refused to own
The fairy tale of lies
One to confuse only me
For despite the closeness
And despite all tears
I was but a fling
To this innocent dear
I could never forget her
If I ever could try
So I've chosen to love her
Until the day I die
But gone is the hope
And gone are the dreams
About the two of us 
Becoming one being


Koushik said...

May be one
May be two not for today..
Someone must be there
Waiting for you tomorrow

Koushik said...

May be one
May not be two for today
But there must be someone
Waiting for you Tomorrow

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Truth Finder said...

Your poem relates alot to what ive gone through in parts of my life. Keep on writing and doing a good job.

MaddBoxx said...

Don't give up, your match is out there. If not in this life, then I'm certain, another.

Collette said...

As a person having green eyes, I've always been annoyed that there is nothing ever written about them. This is beautiful.

Emily said...

I really liked this. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Nice poem!
Did you get from one of shakespear poems?

Steve Finnell said...

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jssica wabbit said...

Very heart felt. That lady doesnt know how lucky she is for having someone like you who feels something like that. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful <3

Ian Verley said...

You write amazing poems, I'm very impressed.

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