Thursday, September 08, 2005

Union Station Project Part II

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Photo: Crane - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum Union Station 09.06.05

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Photo: Scaffold & Workers on Union Station - ALPLM - Springfield, IL 09.06.05

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Photo: Fabrication on Dusty Road - Union Park - Spfld, IL 09.06.05

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Photo: Crane - Union Park - Union Station - ALPLM - Spfld, IL 09.06.05

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Photo: Fabrication Ready for Crane - Union Park - Spfld, IL 09.06.05

Union Station Now A Part of the ALPLM

Work continues on Union Station located in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Union Station is located in Union Park, and is now a part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Complex.

Union Station will act as a visitor's center for the ALPLM. Extensive work has already been undertaken with significant interior remodeling being conducted. Repairs to the roof, and north face of the station is being conducted. After decades of promises from various owners a new clocktower will finally be installed in the coming year. The expected result of this extensive refurbishment of Union Station should add significantly to the historic authenticity of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Note: Union Station was built as a passenger depot in the 1890's by the Illinois Central Railroad. It is located on Madison Street between Fifth, and Sixth Streets.

About the Photographs

A large crane projects into a cloudless blue sky just south of Union Station. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum appears in the background.

Two carpenters, at right of scaffolding, ride a hydrolic lift to continue repair work on Union Station's south facing windows.

A workman's truck throws up dust from the drought scorched service road adjacent to Union Station.

Unfinished polygonal shaped dormers awaiting installation on the north face of Union Station. The thirty story Hilton Hotel, and Illinois Building are present in the distant background.

Correction 09.15.05: The wooden fabrications were not dormers, nor were they installed on the north side of the building. Instead they were installed above entrances on the south side of the building.


nightfall said...

Sorry if this is out of topic but I don't know how you somehow ended up in my blog, but thanks for the comment, I really appreciated it. I guess you're a photographer right?


Dave said...

I, for one, think this is long overdue. What a great sight it will be to have the clocktower up.

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