Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Stack Must Go!

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Photo: A City Beautiful Is Stabbed By Saint John's Medical Waste Incinerator

As downtown Springfield, Illinois slowly morphs into the beautiful tourist friendly center which ii promises to become certain aspects of its ugly past must be dealt with. One such loose end looms just north of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Saint John's Hospital's Medical Waste Incinerator Smoke Stack is certainly a nasty reminder that not all of downtown is beautiful.

Medical waste should be picked up late at night, and hauled off to a facility far from the urban center. The hideously ugly smoke stack should be torn down.

Then not only will the downtown area be a more beautiful place, but it will also spare those who live, and work downtown from having to breath the fumes from cooked: body parts, blood, pus soaked gauze, vaporized urine, embryos, etc. Need I say more?

While the City of Springfield surely wouldn't want to step on any toes when it comes to Saint John's Hospital, it is hardly likely that this huge facilty would be able relocate in retaliation for having to dismantle its incinerator. Therefore it must be asked why wait?


Marie said...

That is quite a bold demand on your part, JP. I'm sure you're right to doubt the city fathers would take a stand on this issue. However, I bet the governor would.

AmericanPatriotLegion said...

Marie said...I'm sure you're right to doubt the city fathers would take a stand on this issue. However, I bet the governor would.

You mean photo op Balognivich (spelled intentionally). No this would be far to contriversial on the national level. He prefers the bills that make him look good nationaly while screwing over Illinois.


I totally agree that it should go. But you and I both know that St. Johns brings in to much revenue for the city, they have to big of a voice. If this were a small business trying to start here in Springfield they would have no problme stepping on toes and trying to squeeze every penny out of the owner, but of course that's only the ones who don't have fancy lawyers and make big campaign donations.

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