Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My BSS Roll Call

Dave, of The11thhour posted his BSS Role Call inspired by a Blessed Sacrament School related post by thirtywhat - so being a big copy cat I'm doing likewise:

  • Mrs. Heckler (K)
  • Sister Marie (1)
  • Extremely nice woman (not a nun) (2)
  • Sister Francetta (3)
  • Mrs. Lockmiller (4)
  • Mrs. Thread (5)
  • Mrs Curtin (6)
  • Mrs. Larson (7)
  • Mr. Shriner (8)

Note: 7th, and 8th may be in reverse order - spent a great deal of time in each class during those two years. Dave, any ideas?


Dave said...

Second Grade was Mrs. Smith for you.

Dave said...

Oh, and you have 7 and 8 correct. Those were the only two years we were in the same homeroom.

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