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Photographs Taken of O'Hare UFO!

Chicago O'Hare Airport Gate C17 From Height of UFO

It appears that several photographs were taken of the disk shaped UFO which hovered over Chicago's O'Hare airport on November 7th, 2006!

As the attempted cover up by the FAA, and United Airlines continues to unravel several of the more than one dozen witnesses (some of them pilots) are beginning to talk with the media despite being told not to do so by United Airlines.
According to Billy Booth of
"For one thing, it is now confirmed that at least one photograph was taken of the object. There may be more. Researchers, including yours truly, are trying to get the individual who took the photo to come forward. There are job considerations and privacy issues at stake, but there is still a chance we may yet see a photo of the UFO".

Odd Light Flashes Over Chicago Five Days Prior to O'Hare UFO!*

Unnatural Red, Green, and Blue Lightning flashes were observed over Chicago on October 2nd, just five nights before the disk shaped UFO was observed hovering over O'Hare airport!
Strange Lights Over Illinois Didn't Stop On November 7th!
The eerie Red, Green, and Blue Lightning flashes seen over Chicago were once again observed three weeks later, this time to the south over Springfield, Illinois the night of November 30th!

Several downstate Illinois bloggers exchanged opinions, and stories on their eye witness accounts of how green, red, and blue lightning flickered within clouds, creating strange rumblings, and thunder over Jerome, Illinois during an intense ice storm which virtually immobilized the area!
O'Hare UFO Updates, and Links!

Click here for a recording of an interview of one of the witnesses to the O'Hare UFO!

Interesting commentary on the role of the Media in UFO reporting.

A link to a post which I wrote on January 25th, 2006 (after I wrote this one). It includes a photograph of the "O'Hare UFO". It might be real, or it might be fake. It's authenticity is under question at this time.

About the O'Hare UFO Artwork

I digitized a Google Earth Image, creating art from it. It displays O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois. The scene looks down upon Gate C17 from the same height that the UFO was reported to have hovered.

*Red Green, and Blue Lightning Stories Are An Exclusive To This Blog!.

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Soopergooman said...

If i can recover the data off my ps3's drive, I have a video of said red blue and green lightning but it's not lightning, it's a UFO. I heard a sound late one night last July, I got my ps3 in video mode and jerry rigged the cam to my telescope. I got an image of a half triangle/sphere shaped object in the sky. It was making a loud very very low humming sound. it is that sound that made me look out the window in the first place. If i get the video up on YT then you will have to see it. maybe it is the same O'Hare ufo but on it's journey somewhere else. it moved slow for an hour and then just gone. it is not always lit up either.

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