Monday, February 19, 2007

Does WNNS Talk Jock Brian Pierce Hate Our Troops?

Spreading Lies About Their Future Commander In Chief?

Update: Brian Pierce has done the honest, and honorable thing by retracting the unfounded quote from his blog post which he attributed to Hillary Clinton. The following serves only as a record of the exchange.

Dave of the11thhour wrote a post challenging big time Springfield, Illinois radio star Brian Pierce to provide a link to a reputable source which shows that Hillary Clinton had ever actually stated that she "loathed the military".

Pierce states on his blog

Hillary Clinton has started her Presidential campaign by attempting to align herself with the military and be tough on terror. Many have never forgotten that when she was co-president for eight years she was quoted as saying : ” I loathe the military.

A Commenter Request A Source

Anonymous said...

I know this is showing up on all the rightwing blogs and you can’t help but unquestioningly repeat it as a loyal unthinking droid, but please provide a link to where Senator Clinton said she “loathed the military”. She never said it, so please post a retraction. That is, before you delete my comment.

2:34 AM

Anonymous said...

Oh, and when I say provide a link, I mean a credible news source not some other ideological blog that claims she said it. A little proof please.

2:37 AM


WNNS' Brian Pierce Responds - Sort Of?

Briblog Blog said...

It began here:

Speaking of "droid", you my friend, are the one up at 2:30am reading blogs.

I wouldn't have posted my name either.

6:46 PM

JeromeProphet Responds To Brian

JeromeProphet said...

It began here?

Your link doesn't provide a direct link to any story which supports your claim.


11:03 PM

Is Brian Pierce Too Big of a Radio Star to Care?

Briblog Blog said...

I have no moral high road I have to take here. The shit is deep on the net - it's the Wild Wild West. I simply don't take this thing as seriously as you guys do. I've been in media 32 years. I cume 35,000 people a day on the radio show. I've worked at stations that reached a million people a week. What are your page counts? I do this for fun. I can say anything I want here - that's the fun. To Dave, JP & the rest of you - I promise three things. I will continue to say what I want about Hillary. I will never blog about your blog on my front page & I will never delete your comments.

You win the pissing match.

9:36 AM


Brian Pierce - Please Provide A Link
JeromeProphet said...

Am I supposed to be impressed?

Hey everybody Brian's voice was heard by a million people!

So was Hitler's.

Have you found a reputable link yet to source your allegation that Hilary Clinton ever stated that she "loathed the military"?


12:23 PM

Does Honesty & Accuracy Really Matter to Brian Pierce?

Note: Brian Pierce has done the honest, and honorable thing by retracting the unfounded quote attributed to Hillary Clinton. This post serves only as a record of the exchange.

I Implore you Mr. Brian Pierce of Springfield, Illinois WNNS to find a link and post it which supports your claim that Hillary Clinton actually stated that she "loathes the military" as you have quoted on your blog.

If you can't find a source won't you at least admit that you can't find one, and remove the claim which you, Mr. Brian Pierce of WNNS located in Springfield, Illinois have made on your blog?

Isn't that the honest thing to do radio talk show host Mr. Brian Pierce of WNNS located in Springfield, Illinois?
Has Brian Pierce of WNNS Really Worked at the Following Radio Stations?


Maybe so, but in all honesty despite his claim to fame I have really never heard of him before - although I did include a link to his blog on my blog roll..


19 said...

We would hope that someone with so much media experience would understand the importance of putting forth the truth instead of twisting and perpetuating a lie. But, no one ever said truthfulness is a prerequisite to be in media. Good thing we have bloggers to set them straight.

W. said...

You left out that he said, "you win."
To perpetuate the attack makes you a small man.

JeromeProphet said...

Been married long enough, and parent to a teenager long enough that I know saying, "You win", but not admitting they were wrong in the first place is just another way to walk away thinking they actually won.

It's called sarcasm.

He'd be the winner in my mind if he finds the link, and post it.

Then I'll apologize to him profusely!

It's not too hard, he has the most powerful search tools known to mankind at his fingertips.

If he wants to win a great victory for the honor of the entire U.S. military then he'd find that link.

But if he just made up the quote, then why can't he just retract it?

The technique, by the way, is called the "Big Lie" in mass media it has been used since the days of Hitler.

You tell a lie, repeat it over, and over again until no one seems to know it wasn't ever true.

If Brian can't find that link, and doesn't retract his statement then he is knowingly and purposefully promoting lies to damage a U.S. Senator's reputation.

Why, when there's so much room for healthy debate on the issues which face our nation must people sink to such lows?

It works on talk radio because most of talk radio listeners who listen to right wing propaganda are uneducated lazy idiots.

On the blogosphere the first thing is you have to actually know how to read. Then you take it a step further, and must know how to write.

Then you shoot for good writing, and accuracy helps.

We all go overboard at times, but once we know we may be wrong, instead of citing all of our big media expertise, it's best to say, oops, got that one wrong, and go on from there.

But I'm just a small man, what would I know.


Will said...

Wow. I think arrogance is a prerequisite for being a conservative talk radio host so he's got that going for him. How ironic that with all the complaining from news outlets about how unreliable blogs are, the person spreading the false claims is a professional radio show host.

What was that line about not using his name? Was that some kind of threat? Are his hate-radio minions going to go on the attack? Very, very odd.

Anonymous said...

Actually WNNS is on the edge of Spaulding/Riverton. I live right acrossed the street from there.

Anonymous said...

You all have way to much time on your hands. One man states something on a Blog and you all sit around and talk about it for a week. I'm sorry but blow me. Get a life, get a job, meet someone special, have some kids, and grow up you pussy dushbags.

You can all suck my balls.
Hillary sucks, you suck, why don't you just die.

You want to support our troops? Here's what you do. Stop supporting these left wing a-holes and start talking to actual soldiers. People who have been there and live there. I was in Iraq for two years and I say we are doing the right thing. When people would come up to me in the streets to shake my hand and thank me personally made being there worth it. They need help. I want to give it and so do the soldiers. Just because you don't understand doesn't make you right. When you need help don't ask anyone and we'll see how far you get. Get off your horse and sign your ass up if you want to help.

An honorable United States Air Force Airman

Anonymous said...

This may be coincidental but I noticed that the WMAY has taken down the link to Jim Leach’s blog. When you go to you will see that his blog has been taken down. Odd timing isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Hillary did NOT say that. It was Bill, in a 1969 "I loathe the military" letter to Col. Eugene Holmes, breaking his promise to enter the Arkansas Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, who said that. Mrs. Clinton simply answered the question of someone at a news conference (and I have tried to find it, but I recall it specifically) who had asked about her husband's comments. She said she did not think that he had said "I loathe the military." So Mr. Pierce had it partially correct, but the wrong Clinton.
Personally, I hope everyone in the Dem Party supports Hussein Obama myself. That insures Jeb Bush's eventual victory.

Jerome Housewright

JimPrewitt said...

I know Brian very well. He has many listeners and just as many "Voices" in his head. Haaa...Haaa Damn i'm funny Pierce!!!

Speaking of Hillary i have pics of her and another woman in the hot tub doing the nasty.

Details on my blog:

Give 'em hell Pierce Show!!!!!!!

email jp






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