Thursday, September 06, 2007

India's Teen Starlet Hansika Motwani

India's Rising Star Hansika Motwani

The beautiful Hansika Motwani only turned sixteen last month, yet she's already one of Bollywood's brightest stars. In her Bollywood debut film, Aap Ka Surroor, she plays leading lady, and love interest to Himesh Reshammiya.

Teen Actress Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani is transitioning from starlet to star. In recent years she has appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Hum Kaun Hai, Hawa and Escape From Taliban.

Starlet Hansika Motwani

She represents the next generation of Bollywood's rising stars. Young, bright, talented, and ready to challenge Hollwood's claim as the center of the film world.

The Beautiful Hansika Motwani

It will be interesting to watch how Hansika Motwani develops her career, and to see which roles she choses over the coming years.

The Talented Hansika Motwani

YouTube: Watch This Interview With Hansika Motwani
From this interview she seems very bright, has very practical goals, and good values. We can only wish her well in her pursuits! Good for her! If she were growing up in Hollywood she'd be addicted to drugs by now.


Dave said...

Ha, ha. You HAVE to be trolling for hits. And you're doing it by outsourcing to India! Very corporate of you.

JeromeProphet said...


Perhaps George Will was right?

Maybe we all take ourselves a bit too seriously when in fact all we are are a bunch of narcissistic diarist.

I was going to take the low road, and perhaps do a story or two a week on how the exploitative main stream press seems to be obsessed with "nakidity" perhaps even calling the series "Naked News" - just to point out their exploitative ways mind you, but this is a family friendly blog - and I didn't want to steal your thunder.

You know I listen to talk radio every morning, and I've noticed the techniques they employ. Say something shocking, but say it in a way that allows them to personally wiggle out of any responsibility for having said it - and watch the lines light up as people call in to respond.

Hmmm. Morning talk show. Blog. Any pattern here?

Dave said...

Except that really IS why I did the naked news thing - simply to point out how anyone getting naked in pubklic is somehow news. I don't get a bunch of extra hits from those posts. I really don't care that much about hits anyway. But you can assume (read: project) whatever you want into it. If I really wanted to generate more hits, I'd do what you are doing and post pictures of hot women.

Dave said...

In fact, I just looked. Exactly one of my last 100 hits recorded by sitemeter involveed a search for anything realated to nakedness or nundity. I don't look at sitemeter that often but I will monitor it and if I start getting a bunch of hits on the topics I'll let you know. Either way, that's not why I'm doing it.

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