Tuesday, September 02, 2008

David's Mother's Quilt Dream

Being the Tuesday evening after a three day weekend, a weekend in which I stayed up entirely too late, I felt very sleepy, and wanted a nap when I came home.

And so I took one, and actually wasn't interrupted!

The nap was so long that I actually experienced some REM sleep, and had one or more dreams.

The last dream had a snippet which was odd, but only because it referenced my friend, Dave of the11thhour.blogspot.com. Actually it made reference to one of his mother's quilts.

I was in a different time and place, and so I am assuming it wasn't the now-when, but perhaps the recent past, or seeing through the eyes of another person (yes, I believe in that).

I was at a home in which everything was being moved, or actually had already been moved.

It was empty, except for some scraps of some cardboard boxes, and perhaps some moving tape.

But there was a desk, or some kind of pedestal sitting in the middle of the room - where I guess many boxes had moved through - a command center for the family which just moved.

Upon the squat little table lay a quilt - or perhaps it was an old comforter with patchwork.

I looked at it, and I felt I knew that I had seen it before, that it had belonged to my friend Dave's mother. It was a quilt, but not really a quilt as much as it was a heavy duty patchwork type comforter that was old. Something from the 1950s perhaps, and it had a pattern which I totally recall having seen at Dave's house perhaps on an old comforter at his house years ago.

Something I believe Dave would have used during his college years in the extension room which he blogged about.

I asked the mover, did I say there was a mover, who had just moved out of the house, and he said that he didn't know.

I said I knew who had just moved out, and that before he continued to move someone into the house that I wanted that old blanket.

He began to speak Spanish, but I believe I understood that he objected to me just taking the blanket, and I realized I was going to just take it anyway, and then

I realized I was dreaming, and decided I wanted to remember the dream and so I deliberately awoke.

Dream Ends

I went to see my daughter - no longer dreaming here folks - and she asked me about Sigmund Freud. She had just learned about Freud for the very first time today.

I told her that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and that Freud had some interesting ideas about dream interpretation, and I saw the coincidence in my half dream like state (which I still was in) while telling my daughter about dream interpretation, and considered it

more than just a coincidence

So I decided to write about my quilt dream, and post it.

That's it. Dave, where's that old blanket?


Dave said...

Sometimes a blanket is just a blanket.

Uh...I got nothing here. I did take some of my mother's old wool blankets to school back in the day but they weren't quilts. They were sturdy and warm though. The only quilt she owned that I know of was made by a friend later in her life and I think one of my sisters has it. She had it on her bed at home in her last days, but then she wasn't home in her last days.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. But if you see mom in any other dreams, say hi for me. I miss her.

JeromeProphet said...

It's funny how the mind works. I was convinced I had seen the quilt before - probably decades ago coming out of a closet, perhaps on a night that I had slept over (i.e., too drunk to leave).

Maybe it never existed. Still, from time to time I have dreams of your old childhood house.

I dreamed several years before it actually happened about the changes to the Black Hawk area, which made me feel strange when I actually saw it in real life.

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